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Karet Bumper Loading Dock
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24 Feb 2020
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Spesifikasi Karet Bumper Loading Dock

Rubber Bumper | Rubber Fender For Loading Dock

Rubber bumper for loading dock is a very important part in the loading dock area as a protection from vehicle collisions when the vehicle is backward or parking in warehose warehouse areas, parking lots, loading docks, loading and unloading areas and areas that require collision protection.

Rubber bumper / rubber fender for loading dock will protect the walls or walls of the warehouse when loading and unloading of goods from the truck, its function is to avoid damage to the wall itself or to vehicles that might be bumping. The truck driver who is responsible for transporting and sending goods will have difficulty when loading or unloading goods in the warehouse if the loading dock area is not provided with the rubber bumper. Maybe for some senior drivers they have the ability to close their vehicles in the loading area but for some other drivers this rubber bumper will really help them when arranging their vehicles properly in the loading dock area without any significant damage due to collisions between vehicles them with concrete walls directly.

The rubber bumper / rubber fender for loading dock is made with a special rubber formulation so it is durable even though it has continuous impact. Rubber bumper / rubber fender for loading dock will provide maximum protection against the possibility of damage to your vehicle and warehouse buildings caused by the collisions that occur. This is because the rubber fenders / rubber fenders that we produce are quite flexible. The bumper rubber / fender rubber also has an added value to the aesthetics of your warehouse building because our products have a uniform surface texture and black color. Rubber bumper / rubber fenders can also be used in production areas or in warehouses where there is a high level of vehicle traffic such as forklifts. Our rubber bumper can be installed on the wall in the area of ​​the production room or in the warehousing area which will function to reduce the occurrence of accidents and collision damage, besides that our products can also be installed or arranged in such a way that will give a neat and beautiful appearance.

We produce several types of rubber bumpers in several shapes, sizes and dimensions according to your needs. Please contact our website or contact at 081298502058 to discuss the needs of rubber bumpers for your loading dock or to offer rubber bumper / rubber Fender according to your needs.

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